1. How old is Safar Academy?


Shaykh Hasan Ali recognized an educational need in the local community and established the Madrasah (weekend islamic classes in north london) as far back as 1998 at the Wightman Road masjid. The Academy began with only a handful of local students, but efforts towards developing the curriculum, teaching methods, admin functions, training and recruitment continued. As the demand for more places was growing Safar Academy was registered with the Charities Commission. For information about the Academy, visit the About Us page.


2. How is Safar Academy different to any other maktab?


Right from the start, Shaykh Hasan Ali had a vision for Safar Academy to be different from any other madrasah. His professional and organised approach can be summarized as something akin to mainstream schools.

Some key aspects of Safar Academy are:

  • Curriculum developed in-house
  • Administration system
  • Reliance on IT resources
  • Compliance
  • Discipline
  • Parental role and involvement
  • Student induction at the point of entry
  • Selection of staff and ongoing training
  • Exams, Parents Morning and End of Year Reports


4. Which madhab does Safar Academy follow?


Safar Academy mainly follows the Hanafi school of thought in it\’s teachings & curriculum. However, it is very important to note that as a policy we do not discriminate against pupils from homes following any other madhab or none. In fact, all pupils are always instructed to follow practices which are adopted by their parents at home.


5. Are all your teachers qualified and do they have a CRB?


Although we do have some academically qualified Teachers and Alims, as in any independent school, our teachers are not required by law to have a formal teaching qualification.

However, Safar Academy is very selective in choosing a member of teaching staff. Key factors which form a part of his consideration are their shakhsiyah, formal qualifications (if any), Islamic knowledge, tajweed, practices and long-term commitment. The decisions are made by Shaykh Hasan Ali and the heads of each branch. 

Safar Academy can also proudly state that over 50% of our teaching staff are ex-students who graduated from the Academy and returned to offer their knowledge and experience to current students.

Sahih-al Bukhari Hadith 4693 The Prophet (saw) said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur\’an and teach it”

All staff at Safar Academy have undertaken an enhanced CRB check  (Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS))

6. How many locations are there?


Currently there are five children’s branches of Safar  Academy:

  1. Slough
  2. Edmonton
  3. Enfield
  4. North Finchley
  5. Harlow
  6. Adult Classes (Palmers Green Masjid)


7. Is there a difference between the courses and facilities at different locations?


All branches you the same learning material, with teachers undergoing the same teacher training. All branches teach the core subjects of Islamic Studies, Quran/Tajwid and Memorisation of key duas and surahs. Only Slough will not teach quranic arabic

8. Is the Academy open during school half-term and end-of-term holidays?

Safar Academy calendar roughly follows the school year, and has 41 weeks but is adjusted for key islamic dates like Eid ul Adha and Ramadan. Therefore Safar has 11-weeks non-contact time made up of:


Winter break in December

Spring break in April

Summer holidays inc Most of Ramadhan & Eid-ul-Fitr



9. Is there an assessment at the end of each year?


Two weeks are dedicated for exams each year with a four week revision/preparation period leading up to the exams. A yearly report detailing your child\’s exam results and comments from their subject teachers is also given at the end of the year.
There are also dedicated Parents\’ Morning\’s throughout the year to give parents the opportunity to discuss their child\’s progress in a one-to-one session with their subject teachers.


10. How much time will my child need to spend studying outside the classroom?


There is a variation depending on the child and their year group. But, as a rough guide we suggest 1hr/day for six days i.e. 6hr/week. This ensures that students commit new information learned on the weekend to long-term memory and that their recitation of Qur\’an is fluent and to the highest standard.


11. Are there any Open Days at the Academy?


At present there are no planned \’Open Days\’. However, we are always happy to receive parents and prospective students at the Academy to give them an insight into how we work.

End of year \’Presentation Morning\’ is also a suitable time for such visits.

Please contact Admin to make an appointment or submit a web form.


12. Where can I get hold of a prospectus?


Our prospectus is currently under development. Once complete, it will be available by post and from the website. Please contact Admin for further information or submit a web form here.


13. How can I apply for a place for my child?


The primary method to enrol your child is to register online via our Application Form.

14. What age children do you take at Safar Academy?

The earliest a child can start is when they are in Year 1 at School, i.e. already 5 in September of the academic year. We do not accept children younger then this. Safar Academy caters fo children between the age of 5-16. However unless a branch is expanding it is unlikely to have space at older age groups.

Every child is given an individual assessment and can therefore be placed in an appropriate age or ability based class.


15. What do I need to do in order to apply for a place for my child?


Contact us ASAP! – There aren\’t many preliminary things to sort out at the wait-listing stage. It is extremely rare that an individual may contact us and be offered a place immediately. By going through the application process, Admin is made aware of any siblings the child may have, health concerns, session preferences (if any) and a full list of contact details. A £50 administration fee is payable per child.

Apply online now


16. What is the level of fees for different age groups?


Fees are set at a standard amount per child and do not vary according to age group.


17. Are there any discounts available for fees?


Discounts are available when more than one student per family is enrolled to our classes. We also have an \’Early-Bird\’ discount system which allows for a reduction in fees if the full amount is paid by a certain date.

Furthermore, students enrolled on our Adult Classes course are offered a substantial discount if they also have children enrolled at a different branch. Please contact Admin for further information.


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