Join the Safar Team

We will be holding assessment centres for both teaching and admin roles.

What do staff and students think make Safar Academy special?

Safar Academy vision is to Inspire the Next Generation, and we are looking to expand our team to help us achieve this. We are currently recruiting for Admin and Teachers to help us on this journey.


Become a Teacher

We are seeking to appoint committed, ambitious and dynamic teachers for our branches. This is an excellent opportunity whether you are an experienced teacher, or just graduated from a madrasa and are looking to teach.

As an enthusiastic and committed individual, the successful candidates will be in good company with teachers at Safar Academy, who are dedicated to continually improving the life chances of our young people and inspiring the next generation.

Become an Admin

We are seeking to appoint a dynamic, committed, reliable administration officers based out of our branches. This diverse role involves handling all aspects of the local branch administration, including communication with parents, book keeping, engaging with Amirs and Teachers and maintaining student data and progress records. This role requires creativity, leadership and drive.

The Administration role is an excellent opportunity to be part of the exciting future of Safar Academy and playing a pivotal part in enabling our vision of ‘inspiring the next generation.

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Meet Some of the Team

Br. HashimAmir North Finchley

Work/study: Head of enterprise (Business, Economics, ICT & Media) Westminster Academy, – BSc Business Economics, University of Westminster. PGCE Business Economics, Institute of Education

Why I work at Safar: Develop students into independent, young, practicing Muslims who are prepared for life challenges and experiences. Also, being in an Islamic environment and self development.

Safar memory: The adventures we would travel into during our Islamic Studies lessons with Shaykh Hasan

Ml. KamilTeacher North Finchley

Work/Study: Year 4 Teacher at Ayasofia Islamic Primary school, Imam/Lecturer at The Pakistan Embassy, BA in Islamic Sciences (Alim) – Dewsbury, Part-time MA student in Islamic Education, Markfield Institute.

Why I work at Safar: Always had the desire to teach along side/ under Sheikh Hassan Ali from when he was my teacher.

Safar student: 2000-2002

Safar memory: Taking part in the first ever Safar Academy play/ production (the Battle of Badr).

Sr. NuzhaTeacher Enfield

Work/study: Mathematice PGCE student at University College London, Institute of Education

Why work at Safar: give something back to the next generations, greatly inspired by teachers

Safar student: 1999-2010

Safar memory: My potentials were maximized and I was never undermined for being a girl. I was even given the privilege of reciting for the opening of the first extension to Turnpike Lane Masjid.

Br Faisal – Head Admin Enfield

Work/Study: Entrepreneur, at Balfour Beatty for 5 years. (BEng) Mechanical Engineering Design and MSc in Advanced & Industrial Manufacturing Systems.

Why I work at Safar: I believe very strongly in ‘giving back’ and always have the desire share my knowledge and skills with such organisations to see them flourish.

What I enjoy: Staff work as a team and is well structured. The  dedication to training and development of staff is second to none. Have regular meetings/meals outside Safar which bring the Safar family closer together.  I enjoy creating ‘work smarter’ processes where possible driven by efficiencies. 

Mujibur Rahman – Admin, North Finchley

Work/study: Rapid Response Youth Worker with a Local Authority; Studied Bsc Social Sciences

Why I work at Safar: To help equip the future generation with knowledge and understanding of Islam in a fun and caring environment. Learn and develop new skills and experiences. A pleasant environment with a close knit staff base, vibrant and welcoming.

Safar memory:  I enjoy working at Safar as it gives me an opportunity to serve the deen, work with an incredible team and learn new skills, which I have not experienced in other Islamic institutes that I worked at. I really like how staff are on hand to help and share working knowledge.  Also being able to work for Shaykh Hasan whom I have heard of since my mid teens!

Br. ShahidTeacher, Safar Enfield

Work/study: Medical Student, St George’s University of London; BSc Biomedical Sciences, Hifdh (started 2008)

Why I work at Safar: I enjoy teaching from the perspective of making information palatable and want to maintain a connection with Islamic education and character development amidst a busy working lifestyle.

Safar student: 1997-2006

Safar memory: Life lessons being incorporated into teaching along with traditional Islamic education. Also where I met most of my friends.